1. Strategic Intelligence Consulting – Providing Intelligence for the formulation of strategy, policy, and military plans and operations at national and theater levels.
  2. PSIWARFARE РElectromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM),  Analysis, Briefings, Public Policy, Military Strategy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Hybrids, Psychotronics, Radionics, Electromagnetic Warfare for PSIOPS.
  3. Negotiator – Balanced negotiations for Arab Israeli conflict resolution.
  4. Jihadi Locator Service – Locate Jihadi planning terrorist acts. Actionable intelligence with CRV pinpoint target locations.
  5. Middle East Analyst – Accurate assessments of Middle East events.
  6. Psi Ops Training РCurriculum for a new generation of soldiers, intelligence agents, and security officers. Workshops/Modules teach how to use Advanced Remote Viewing to gain actionable intelligence with pinpoint target locations. Combines Intuition, Implicit Learning, CRV, TRV, and psychic development skills. Includes RNM for Signals Intelligence target identification.